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design for the van doren shoe co.

last year i was approached by vans to design a shoe for a skate brand (rhps). with my golden years of skating (long long) past its prime years, it came as a surprise and an honor. my response to the design project inquiry - hell yes.

in our youth my friends and i wore vans and chuck taylors as our daily staples. it was a symbol of rebellion and originality amongst the masses of mall rats and high fivers. we took pride in ordering custom vans from catalogs with "one of a kind" color ways and detailed trimmings. one thought that lingered in my mind since those pre adolescent years was - wouldn't it be keen to design a shoe for vans. well decades later the dream has manifested.

if you love vans you will love these limited sneakers. the design was driven by two key points: function (for riding) and style (of course). we used tough pig suede for the toe and lace up areas and cordura (same material used for back packs) for the side panels. the waffle soles are an upgrade, we inverted the the original template for better traction and a lighter weight. custom color way and high detailed logos complete the package. available at select shops in the usa.

style is everything -mr.grant

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water-based pomade made in the good old USA

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Project '39 Pt.5

Part 5 in Rob Fortier's Editor of Rod & Customs 1939 Chevy Truck. Here we see the vintage Bow Tie hauler with the front end in place. The engine is ready to roll along with the front suspension looking good. Another addition that Rob has added here is the a very rare Pecket "Comet" sun visor. This stage is about mocking up the loose ends to make sure everything functions & fits properly. The last thing you want to do is go to paint and you later have to take it down because you didn't measure properly. Rule #1: measure 3 times, before committing.

Project '39 Part 3

Today we see the rear end progress of Rob Fortier's Rod & Customs Chevy truck. The frame has been c-notched to allow for a lower stance, 4 link suspension added, and a new rear end axle. Rob wants to keep a vintage feel to his truck, so the 6 lug rims will be retained. Possible 15" artillery rims added with BF Goodrich whitewalls?*High Style*

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Project 1939 Part 2

A follow up to Rob Fortier, editor for Rod & Custom-1939 Chevy. Here we see the truck with hood and quarter panels removed for easy access. Front end work: engine was yanked, a customized ifs front end and dropped spindles. The handling and stance of the truck looks very nice. The back end progress next post. What color would you paint the truck? 2 Tone, gloss black, suede?

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Project 1939 "Style Feature"

Our friend Rob Fortier the editor of Rod & Custom and former editor of Classic Trucks is in the process of restoring his '39 Chevy Truck. We are going to follow the progress of his Bow Tie classic in an ongoing "featured special." So here we begin with the truck in her weathered original state. Layers of dented rust, missing rare parts and old chrome. Tag along for the journey. A diamond in the rough - not for long.

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