I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I have my entire life been influenced by art, music, surfing and skateboarding. I began surfing at the age of 10 at the various surf breaks and outer reefs of the islands, and in the early 1990s I joined the revered Hui o He’e Nalu surf club. In the mid 1980s I was initiated as a 3rd Generation DogTown ZBoy by one of my best friends Jay Boy Adams. I have been a lifelong team member for Independent Trucks. In 1988, I founded the skateboard company Royal Hawaiian Pool Service with my friend, a skate brand that was designed for core pool riding skateboarders in mind. In 2010, we were approached by Vans to design a shoe for Royal Hawaiian Pool Service, which was a great honor to us. I worked for years at Hurley as the Marketing Director for Hawaii. One of my most memorable Hurley experiences was holding a yearly contest for kids called “Rip my Shred Stick” where the local kids could not only meet world renowned professional surfers but also surf the contest on the pro's personal boards. I also have a deep love of era-correct Chevrolets from the late 1930's-50's. I devoted hours restoring various gangster whitewall vehicles over the years. Out of my lifelong passion for music, I worked for over a decade as a professional DJ playing the kind of music I grew up with, from Soul to Punk, rather than playing the expected typical top hits. I started Stone Groove Family in 1997 with a collective group of highly skilled DJs, our company mission to bring “the unheard” music to Hawaii, throwing parties like Darkside of the Moon and That Healin’ Feelin.'

At a certain point in life, one feels the need to evolve and so with that strong feeling for new experience and transformation, my wife and I moved to New York City. That life decision proved to be one of the greatest experiences of our lives. In our too short time in NYC, we found daily artistic and creative inspiration, and the challenges of the city allowed us to quickly grow as individuals. We then moved to picturesque Seattle to grow the company, and to grow it as authentically and naturally as possible.

Who we are and what influences us in all aspects of life and business come from these places as well as our travels throughout the world: Hawaii where we had a unique upbringing and where we are still rooted, Los Angeles where a big portion of our family grew up and live, a connection to the energy of New York City, and the Pacific Northwest we are proud to call home. Our passions include traveling, our family, surrounding ourselves with a core group of kind honest people, films, literature, vintage car culture, skateboarding, music, working hard, and soaking up the water and mountain views.


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