design for the van doren shoe co.

last year i was approached by vans to design a shoe for a skate brand (rhps). with my golden years of skating (long long) past its prime years, it came as a surprise and an honor. my response to the design project inquiry - hell yes.

in our youth my friends and i wore vans and chuck taylors as our daily staples. it was a symbol of rebellion and originality amongst the masses of mall rats and high fivers. we took pride in ordering custom vans from catalogs with "one of a kind" color ways and detailed trimmings. one thought that lingered in my mind since those pre adolescent years was - wouldn't it be keen to design a shoe for vans. well decades later the dream has manifested.

if you love vans you will love these limited sneakers. the design was driven by two key points: function (for riding) and style (of course). we used tough pig suede for the toe and lace up areas and cordura (same material used for back packs) for the side panels. the waffle soles are an upgrade, we inverted the the original template for better traction and a lighter weight. custom color way and high detailed logos complete the package. available at select shops in the usa.

style is everything -mr.grant

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water-based pomade made in the good old USA

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