Grant’s Golden Brand is an American hair grooming company based in the Pacific Northwest with a specialty in water-based pomades that merge today’s sophisticated technology with the aesthetics of the gentlemen of the bygone era. We are an independently owned and operated small family business working hard to provide products with top-notch function and design. We launched our company in 2009 with our flagship product, the Original Pomade, which hit the market after more than 10 revisions. “Style is Everything” is our motto and way of life. We believe in the age old tradition of looking your best every day in a way that honestly reflects your true self. 

Grant was inspired to create Grant’s Golden Brand because he was a long-time, avid consumer and collector of men’s grooming products and pomades. As an adolescent, he started using traditional wax pomades to create radical hairstyles, but since he has thicker hard-to-tame hair he found that the wax restrained his hair, and he didn’t like the wax buildup and stains on his pillowcases. Luckily, he was introduced to Japanese water-based pomades in the 1990s (before the widespread trend hit the United States) that worked for his hair type. However, back then he didn’t feel Japanese pomades were very accessible for the American gentleman (availability, high shipping costs, high price), so his passion for men’s hair products combined with his desire to make pomades that reflected the lifestyles of himself and his friends inspired him to create his own brand. The “Golden” part of Grant’s Golden Brand comes from the word’s positive associations for him - something bright, something of value, something to look forward to in the future while keeping an eye on the Golden Era. Our brand is influenced by both the worlds of old and new. 

The heart of our brand are quality, functionality, accessibility, affordability, and authenticity. We don't engage in gimmicks and expensive marketing, we've never paid for advertisement, we don't hide our ingredients list. Our value has been to grow our business organically. Our brand is 100% our personality, vision and passion. We never rush through product research or testing. We refuse to cut corners to make something faster, cheaper, or easier. Quality of our products are far more important to us than how many we can get out the doors. We are sticklers for quality control. We sincerely try to do our best - from product development to fast shipment to customer service. We like to give our customers the kind of respect and individual attention that would have been the norm in small haberdasheries in our grandfather's day. We want our customers to feel good about the purchase they made with their hard-earned money. We’re not trying to out-do other hair or pomade companies, we’re just focused on being an authentic, good company with stellar products. 

We also like to think of ourselves as the brand that everyone can feel comfortable being a part of – we don’t target a certain demographic. Our products are used by a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds: Hardworking blue-collar men on tight budgets to businessmen who have no budgets, barbers, hair aficionados, artists, musicians, skateboarders, vintage car enthusiasts, fashion forward gentlemen, city dwellers, Pacific Northwest outdoorsmen, and everyone in between. 

Our company is truly about the independent spirit. After several years of extensive research and development, our company launched during the economic recession of our generation. This meant our customers were not only spending less but we also didn’t have the finances for a slick website, marketing, advertising, promotions, and events. We started our company grass roots, word-of-mouth, and with 100% of our spirit and personality: friends introduced our brand to their local barbers; and although we launched our new packaging in the summer of 2014, five years ago my friend and I designed the logo and The Original black/silver aluminum packaging that has since influenced other brands that have followed; my wife and I designed our next two products.

And in many ways we still work this way today. Our beginning really exemplified that tough spirit of building something from nothing, finding creative solutions to problems, and helping each other during challenging times. That’s where our slogan, “Stay Up, Stay Golden” came into play.  We’re proud of the fact that we’ve survived among brands with much larger up-start finances and budgets.  

We appreciate every purchase. We thank our loyal customers for supporting our independent brand and growing with us, and we thank our potential new customers for visiting us today. 


Grant & the Golden Family