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Osami's Barbershop Run by a husband and wife team. Semi-retired now after working hard in this barbershop for over 30 years.

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a slice of life

Di Fara Pizza is not fast food. It's been called the BEST pizza in New York by pizza connoisseurs, Zagat, the Village Voice, New York Magazine, New York Times, chefs like Anthony Bourdain, and your average New Yorker that loves pizza. People from all over New York and around the world make the journey to this hole in the wall pizza joint in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Midwood, Brooklyn. The average cost and wait time for a pizza is $25.00 for a basic pie that takes 2.5 hours or if you want a slice to go it will cost you $5.00 (the most expensive slice in NYC).

*note the painting of mr. demarco behind mr. demarco. look familiar ?

Di Fara has been owned and operated by Domenico DeMarco since 1964 after DeMarco moved to New York from Caserta, Italy in 1959. DeMarco is the only person that makes each pizza pie (not even his children are allowed to make it). When he's not available to make the pizza, Di Fara shuts its doors. Mr. DeMarco insists on using only fresh dough, on importing his tomatos from Salerno and his Mozzarella from Caserta, and bringing in his fresh basil from Israel. He alone makes the pizza. He works hard. He looks proud of what he does. And it shows.

Di Fara is a New York Pizza Instituion and Domencio DeMarco is a pizza legend in his own right. The trek takes 30 minutes on the Q line from Union Square. And yes it sucks to have to wait almost three hours for pizza, it's almost absurd in any other instance, but it's worth it. The time you spend waiting and watching is a pizza event.

A few things we recommend: eat before you step foot into Di Fara (you're not going to get your lunch or dinner during lunch or dinner time), order the regular pie (you don't need the extras like pepperoni or mushrooms), and eat it when it's hot. There's some great articles on Di Fara that you should read: A great 2004 New York Times article on the hard work that goes into making a Di Fara pizza, New York Time's article on the $5 price, and a Di Fara tutorial on Slice Pizza blog. Heaven!

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buster keaton 1929

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this:  To rise above the little things.  ~John Burroughs

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's.  ~Henry Moore

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Welcome Stranger

A step back in time, 1957. Some say a great barber is part bartender, part shrink and 100% your trusted friend. Seventy-five cent cuts with a quarter tip, sounds lovely. photo: F.M.

Slide on into the leather chair, neck powdered and a swoosh of the apron. What'll you have friend? Otis Elevator Co. 1942 photo: W.S.C.

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Pomp Kit

For those who have no hair but want that classic pomp doo. The New Traditionalist's Pomp Kit. Available in Blue or Black. Chin strap included.

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The Superior & The Premiere

"The Superior Axle Grease" by Galena Manufacturing Co. to help keep your machinery lubricated, circa early 1900's

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Project '39 Pt.6

Part 6 in our series on Rob Fortier's/Rod & Customs 1939 Chevrolet Truck progress. Here we see the highly sought after finished 15" Artillery Rims (o.g rims, no re-pros here) freshly straightened, balanced and painted mated up to the new front end. Rob searched high and low for a clean set of these rims. They are getting harder to find, a lot of the "survivors" are dented, pitted or the valve stem holes are bad. When you do find a decent set they are fetching top dollar. 10 years ago you could find them at every swap meet for a decent price. With that said I think Rob will need to take out a separate insurance policy for these rims. More to come, stay tuned in. Looking Clean w/the fresh Silvertown white walls.

Project '39 Pt.5

Part 5 in Rob Fortier's Editor of Rod & Customs 1939 Chevy Truck. Here we see the vintage Bow Tie hauler with the front end in place. The engine is ready to roll along with the front suspension looking good. Another addition that Rob has added here is the a very rare Pecket "Comet" sun visor. This stage is about mocking up the loose ends to make sure everything functions & fits properly. The last thing you want to do is go to paint and you later have to take it down because you didn't measure properly. Rule #1: measure 3 times, before committing.

De-Evolution Pomp it

Devo speaks to us. From: Automodown, the classic Booji Boy to one of our favorite videos - Freedom of Choice featuring our friends Salba, T.A. and Bulky providing the 4 wheel stunts the group proved that art students were the IN and the jocks were OUT. Fast forward 35 years and you will see their music, style and fashion still schools the budding garage bands of the now. To gain more insight into their world we recommend: The Truth About De-Evolution.We hope they speak to you.

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garage band original

Joey Strummer from the "only band that matters." The political poetic prince who stood his ground for the little man's rights. Standing strong as an advocate against: police brutality, social rot, nazism and racism he stood tall amongst a crowd of cowards. The voice, guitar & jams that struck us with a thunderbolt of lightening.Never Forget.


Today begins our journey. Day One, Post One. Thank you for joining us as we launch the brand. "cheers, a toast to you" -Grant