Our prime water-based pomades offer long-lasting hold, appealing scents, and wash off easily so customers don’t have to deal with annoying wax buildup, unnecessary hair pulling, or wax residue stains on pillows. Unlike a gel that hardens once it dries, our pomades allow customers to restyle their hairs multiple times throughout the day while still maintaining a hold by using a wet comb. Our versatile matte dressing is a water soluble mid-weight molding compound that combines the texture and effects of wax, paste, and cream. Our prime cream is an innovative, universal, flexible hair styling cream that offers a light to medium-light hold and natural finish.

Our fine grooming products are meticulously crafted in small batches in the U.S.A. with no animal testing. A little goes a long way with our products so everyday users can get their moneys’ worth.

Grant's Golden Brand products have been mentioned in publications like Details, Esquire UK, GQ, Playboy, San Francisco Chronicle and InStyle. 

Original Pomade

  • Launched in 2009
  • Strong holding power
  • High gloss finish
  • Water-based, washes out with water
  • Restyle with wet comb or wet fingers
  • Performs for all hair types, but especially great for medium to thick hair 
  • Can be used to create looks ranging from clean-cut “Clark Kent” to distressed mess to tall pompadours
  • Light almond scent
  • $19 for 4 oz

Medium Blend Pomade

  • Launched in December 2011
  • Medium holding power
  • Light sheen finish
  • Water-based, washes out with water
  • Restyle with wet comb or wet fingers
  • Performs for all hair types, but especially great for thin to medium hair 
  • Designed with everyday grooming in mind
  • "Royal Hawaiian Scent" - sweet tropical scent 
  • $17 for 4 oz

Matte Dressing

  • Launched in January 2013
  • Mid-weight molding compound with superb pliability and holding, lasting power
  • Combines the texture and effects of wax, paste, and cream
  • No shine finish
  • Water soluble, washes out with water
  • Provides convertible "best of both worlds" style: polished or messy
  • Maximizes density and won't overwhelm fine hair
  • Performs for all hair types, but especially great for short hair
  • Can be used on dry or slightly damp hair
  • Separates piecey styles, holds firm for demanding styles
  • Clean, light unique scent
  • $25 for 4 oz

Prime Cream

  • Launched in May 2016
  • Rich consistency ideal for styling as a standalone product for medium, flexible hold
  • Provides easy, effortless style with nice level of control
  • Accentuates your natural hairstyle for that low-key, carefree hairdo
  • Tames frizz and unruliness; provides manageability without weighing down hair
  • Enhances performance of our pomades and matte dressing as a style primer and as a cocktail product
  • Light, natural sheen
  • Not greasy, not sticky
  • Easily washes out with water
  • Easy styling option for those rushing-out-the-door days when you don't want much on your hair but still desire a hint of something
  • Performs for all hair types and textures, but especially great for short to medium hair lengths
  • Pliable/doesn't dry hard, comb-able hold, easy restyling throughout day while maintaining hold
  • Refreshing light, sweet Mandarin Orange Scent derived entirely from the latest botanical extracts technology. 
  • $21 for 5 oz

"Anyone who has ever experimented with a side part or pompadour knows that pomade is a man’s best friend.  Luckily, we stumbled upon Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade.  Suitable for all hair types,  Grant’s Original Pomade has a light almond scent and gives impeccable hold with a slick, high gloss finish. Start with a dime sized amount (add more if desired), rub between your fingers, apply to damp hair and comb into place.  Unlike other pomades, Grant’s Golden Brand is water-based making it easy to wash out without any greasy buildup. If you’re looking for a pomade that gives more versatility, try Grant’s Medium Blend. This medium hold pomade gives hair a natural sheen, without the added weight of the original formula.  It’s suitable for finer hair types, washes out easily, and has a light Hawaiian scent (coconuts and palm trees)."


"Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade is a superior quality, medium weight, water based pomade that gives hair a high gloss with a very strong hold. The weight of the pomade is such that you simply use as much or as little your hair requires. It works well with Cary Grant quiffs, distressed mess or the increasingly popular Don Draper businessman look. As Grant’s pomade is water based, it washes out easily to save you hours at the sink. The beauty of Pomade is that it doesn’t dry out or harden so your hair can continuously be restyled for hours without the ‘Lego man’ stiff appearance given by some gels. Which is very important of course, because as Grant quite rightly says, “Style is everything.”