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Rebel #1

Wasted Youth, Shoulda Woulda Coulda, To Fast to Live ........ the immortal J.D. Make things happen, you only live once.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water based pomade made in the good old USA

Howlin' Herman

Take it from the 7 foot singing Green Munster, "Stand Proud in a Crowd, use Grant's!"

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water based pomade made in the good old USA

Jeff Decker for Grant's Golden Brand Pomade

Jeff Decker the artist, historian and detailed traditionalist is now part of our "Heroes Family." Jeff the artist is one of the world's leading bronze casting sculptors whose subject matter focuses on early 1900's vehicles and their masters. This loss wax homeboy is the "one of one" who has been commissioned by Harley Davidson to capture the era correct Glory Days of yesteryear. Jeff the historian & traditionalist painstakingly pays homage to the way things were meant to be, no short cuts and sell outs ~ O.G. to the bone. From his vintage rides, selvedge levis and now to his hairdooo - Jeff's style is on POINT.

Welcome to the Family Mr. Decker, -Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water based pomade made in the good old USA

the King of Style - R.I.P.

Last week we lost one of the greats, Larry Watson. An original painter and pinstriper who made his mark in the hearts of true traditionalists. A prime example of a self taught and self made American legend. He is up in heaven now working with Von Dutch on some futuristic paint schemes and color ways. metal flake fades & pearl panels for days.

like our company motto states: "Style is Everything" Mr. Watson had style to burn.

A.W. for Grant's Golden Brand Pomade

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade welcomes the supreme still life journalist Adam Wright to our "Heroes Family." The king of composition, Adam knows how to capture his subject matter with style & class. Known worldwide for his documentation of vintage automobiles, motorcycles and their masters. Timeless black & white frames, perfected lighting and impeccable timing. Welcome to the family Adam.

-Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water based pomade made in the good old USA.

Eric Dressen for Grant's

Eric D, the veterano skate legend is now part of our "Heroes Family." A professional for over 3 decades, he has earned his rank in the history books as a Black Belt Master. Power, Speed and Style is his repertoire. One of the Original team members of the Infamous DogTown Crew, this humble "Back to Back" World Champion has stayed true to tradition thus earning high respect from generations for his contributions to the lifestyle & culture of skateboarding. We Proudly Welcome Eric to the Family. -Grant's

Cab for Grant's

Our old friend Steve Caballero is now endorsing Grant's Golden Brand Pomade USA. Stevie for those who don't know is the "Veteran of all Veterans" of skateboarders. A professional for more than three decades he is still winning competitions, case in point: he won the highly acclaimed Pro-Tec Pool Party contest last week. A proud husband & father of three kids he is also widely known in the car culture community for his classic Henry Ford rides and if that isn't enough he is now making his mark in the art world. Steve is accredited for designing & endorsing one of the most iconic vulcanized sneakers in production since 1992: The Legendary Half Cab from the Van Doren Rubber Company (my favorite sneaker).

Always a positive gent with a heart of gold, Mr. Caballero is now looking extra sharp with Grant's.

Timeless Style & Grace