Prime Cream


$21.00 (for 5 oz)


Just launched in May 2016, our unique Prime Cream is a universal, flexible hair styling cream that offers a light to medium-light hold and natural finish for short to medium hair lengths and for all hair types and textures. It has a rich consistency that is ideal for styling as a standalone product for medium flexible hold, as a style primer, and as a cocktail product to create more feasibility with Grant's Golden Brand Pomades and Matte Dressing. Refreshing all natural Mandarin Orange Scent from botanical extracts. Made in small batches in the USA. 

As a Standalone Cream:

- Light to medium-light hold for an easy, effortless style that offers a nice level of control. 
- Accentuates your natural hair style for that low-key, carefree hairdo. 
- Naturally tames frizz and unruliness; provides manageability without weighing down hair. 
- For those times you don’t want much on your hair but still want a hint of something. 
- Excellent styling option on those rushing-out-the-door days.

As a Cocktail Cream:

When the Prime Cream is used in conjunction with Grant's Golden Brand Pomades and Matte Dressing, the Prime Creamallows the following: 

- Original Pomade - adds more flexibility in the finish; not quite stiff but hold remains strong
- Medium Blend Pomade - provides a creamier consistency, tames the shine down a notch
- Matte Dressing - makes product even more spreadable, the finish is a softer feel but still has a strong control
- "Works excellent when layered in Afro-textured hair. It makes it super easy to style without needing to use a sponge brush and finishing with the Medium Blend Pomade adds definition and shine to it." - Apropos Salon

How to Use:

- Apply to clean hair free of residue. 
- Apply a dime size amount on dry hair for more control and hold or on slightly damp hair for a softer hold; style as desired with comb or fingers. 
- As a first layer style primer, apply a dime size amount throughout towel dried/dry hair and layer our Pomade or Matte Dressing to finish. 
- As a cocktail product, apply a pea size amount in palm of hands and an equal amount of our Pomade or Matte Dressing and emulsify them until no longer visible, apply throughout towel dried/dry hair and style as desired. 
- For external use only. 


- Mandarin orange scent is 100% naturally derived from the latest botanical extracts technology that harnesses the very best parts of the fruit  in both aromatics and performance. Mandarin Orange is known for their antioxidant properties. 
- Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids that can moisturize dry, damaged hair, and is rich in Vitamin A, D, E and B-6 and natural Amino Acids to add strength to hair.
- Safflower oil is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins to give additional nutrition to hair and improve dry hair. 
- Vitamin E is rich in natural antioxidants for protection of hair. 
- Not greasy, not sticky
- Free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes, artificial fragrance
- Not tested on animals, vegan friendly
- Made in small batches
- Made in the USA

"There is no competition on the market right now. This is unique. It's a standalone product." - Mike Taylor, Barber, Product Educator & Owner of Studio 514, Oceanside, CA

"The Prime Cream is amazing, it is my new "go to" product. It works perfect for a light sheen with a comb-able hold. I re-combed my hair a few times during the day and it restyled easily and the hold was still there. Good for times when you don't want the strong slick look. It doesn't dry hard so it has a nice pliability to it. I love the orange scent too." - Jon Roth, Barber & Owner of Crows Nest Barbershop

"One of my barbers who is bald used it on his beard and he immediately loved it. We get beard oils and beard balm samples every week for our barber to test - 8 out of 10 times he rejects them. This was the first one he immediately loved. He said it applied and distributed very easily. He also said it gave his beard a nice softness and helped shape it. A multi-platform hair cream for men, women, and beards. " - Jon Roth, Barber & Owner of Crows Nest Barbershop  

"The Prime Cream also works well as an overcoat application applied on top of the Pomade or Matte Dressing. It gives it a nice sheen and added hold." - Alex Mazuera, Barber

"The scent is light and has a nice sweet, citrus smell that complements each pomade and matte dressing really well." - Loufel Estayo, Barber/Stylist/Master Colorist, Apropos Salon & Barber

"My wife won't give it back to me. She absolutely loves the Prime Cream. Send more." - Russ Pope, Artist, Skateboarder, & Global Director of Art and Skate for Converse

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