Brooklyn's Disco Barber

"His hair was jet black, combed over to perfection and swooping past his sideburns — Elvis meets Sal from Dog Day Afternoon.”  Meet the real Tony Manero: Brooklyn's very own Tony Ferrante, a.k.a. Tony Disco. Tony's straight out of the Golden age of Brooklyn Disco and at 78-years-old can be seen still dancing on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Mr. Ferrante has also worked most of his life as a barber and said, “Dancing and cutting hair, I’m a master at both.”  “Even at 78, I’m still developing new steps,” Mr. Ferrante said. “People try to copy me, but they’re wasting their time.” As we've always said, "age with style and grace." Stay young at heart. Stay golden.

Photo by Julie Glassberg for The New York Times.

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