Brixton LTD

Get this look: use our pomade & wear BRXTN apparel David Stoddard & Jason Young. photo via Transworld

Today we are featuring our friends at Brixton. Proprietor David Stoddard and crew have been producing quality apparel and accessories for the stylish gents and ladies for the last 7 years. Brixton originally started out as a vintage inspired headwear line that has organically grown into a complete lifestyle apparel company. Designed for those who want quality constructed goods.

*The history behind the name Brixton. Inspired by: The Only Band That Matters' infamous song "The Guns of ......." sung by the one & only Paul Simonon.

The Brixton staff knows "style" - they use our new Medium Blend Pomade daily!

Cheers to David and the BRXTN crew.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water-based pomade made in the good old USA

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