Introducing: Medium Blend Pomade

Today we are launching our brand new formula: "Medium Blend." We custom designed this formula with a tropical "Royal Hawaiian" scent, a "natural" light sheen and a medium hold.

Over the past year we received numerous requests for a pomade with a tad lighter weight than our Original formula to give your hair more manageability and a toned down sheen. The new custom scent was created as a throwback to Hawaii during it's golden era (1950's). This pomade is ideal for those who want a classic everyday groomed look. Like our other products this formula is water soluble and washes out cleanly in the shower.

Medium Blend has been in development for the greater part of 2011, today we offer the latest addition to our family to you.

Medium Blend - Tried and True. Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premier water-based pomade made in the good old USA