the Rebel Rouser

We recently had some great coverage from The Rebel Rouser. For those who don't know the R.R. is an excellent blog that features the latest & the legendary pomades along with other greasy culture lifestyle interests. They posted some kind words for our brand:

BIG thanks to the kind folks at Grant’s Golden Brand! You folks gave me amazing customer service, over a year ago, and have not let up! Something a lot of people take for granted, but not I! “Style Is Everything,” may need  to be changed to “Customer Service Is Everything!” Well, that doesn’t sound as cool, does it? They’ve worked tirelessly, to give people what they wanted. By listening to their customers, they’ve developed a new product to offer stronger hold for both men and women. The bi-product of the customer feedback and actually giving a damn, is none other than their limited edition Putty Pomade.

Thanks to The Mighty Rebel Rouser, keep up the great work.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water-based pomade made in the good old USA