Milton Glaser

You know the iconic I Love New York logo, here's the story and the man behind the most recognizable, imitated logo that's become a part of American pop culture.

New York was crime-ridden and in economic and social turmoil, rightfully earning a reputation as one of America's most unfriendly and dangerous places. So in 1973, the New York State Department of Commerce concocted an I Love New York campaign to promote tourism to the city, and they asked graphic designer Milton Glaser to design a logo, pro bono, to match those words. Glaser created the logo on a scrap of paper while in a cab.

Milton Glaser, one of America's most celebrated graphic designers, was born in New York City in 1929, where he still resides and works today. In addition to the I Love New York logo, Glaser co-founded New York magazine. He's also the first graphic designer to be awarded the National Medal of Arts (by President Obama) and was given a lifetime achievement award from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. He also created the famous Bob Dylan silhouette poster, logos for DC Comics and Brooklyn Brewery, and the interior design for Rockefeller Plaza's Rainbow Room.

Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Glaser updated his famous logo to read "I Love New York More Than Ever," with a smudge in the "lower west side" of the heart. Glaser said of the new logo "The only subtlety is the wound, which is located on the lower ‘west side’ of the heart. The shaded portion represented the very area in lower Manhattan where the once proud World Trade Center Twin Towers stood until a pair of hijacked passenger jets slammed into them. Showing a wounded heart is important. To attain healing, the first thing one must do is to acknowledge that there’s pain."

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