Grant's Foodies Favorites pt.1

the Legendary Katz in the L.E.S. One of the best if not the best pastrami on rye. Don't forget: extra mustard, a cold Dad's rootbeer and to leave a tip for your cutter.

In a rush and craving a dog on the cheap. Praised by Bourdain and dual thumbs up from us. Absolutely NO Ketchup.

Homestyle doughnuts & a hot cup of joe. The cinnamon apple fritter is recommended.

A favorite of our friend Tony and ours, Mexico 2000 is one of those hole in the wall taquerias that does it traditional to the bone. A no frills family bodega/eatery. The secret is out, location - nope. Just follow your nose on the J&M lines to BK.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade the premiere water based pomade made in the good old USA