The American Gentleman

Gregory Peck was the quintessential American gentleman. He was known as Hollywood's Great Patriarch - both tough and caring.

As a man well-respected on- and off-screen, he spent his life tirelessly championing for causes he strongly believed in, even if that meant landing him on Richard Nixon's infamous enemies list.

He was a man that embodied to many Americans fortitude and intelligence - the man he was and the men he portrayed seemed to be of the same vein - like Atticus Finch.

Early in his life, this gentleman demonstrated guts, leaving pre-med at Berkeley to move to New York City to become a stage actor. When he arrived to New York, he redefined his identify - first by changing his name from Eldred to his middle name Gregory because he said no one knew him in the city anyways.  You either sink or swim in New York. Well, Mr. Peck won a a scholarship to the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of Dramatics, soon after made his Broadway debut in "The Morning Star," and of course the rest is history. He went on to win an Academy Award, but his most prized role was that of family man to his wife and kids.

He did it all with style.

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