Chris “Dune” Pastras is a legendary professional skateboarder, artist, and proud family man. Chris began his career in the 1980s on the New York skate scene with Shut Skates. Shortly after moving to California in 1990, he turned pro with World Industries. Then in 1992, with his best friend Jason Lee he co-founded Stereo Skateboards, a company with a unique design point of view, including incorporating elements of jazz into their skateboard designs, and with a mission to create “timeless, classic, and original” projects. Chris has created films, hosted television shows, collaborated with Swedish lifestyle brand WeSC, and is head of global brand awareness in the actions sports market for Richer Poorer. 

Although Chris is a veteran, influential skateboarder, what really attracted our brand to Chris was his absolute positive energy, and his refreshing unpretentious, easy-going nature. Chris and his family are people you just feel good being around, and these are the kind of people Grant's Golden Brand is all about.