Alejandro "Alex" Mazuera is a barber at Vinny's Barbershop, one of the most well-respected barbershops in Los Angeles, California.  Alex is a 1st generation Cuban and Colombian American. His parents left their countries to seek a better life and met by chance in Queens, New York in the 1970s. They later moved to Miami, Florida where Alejandro was born. By seven years old, Alejandro moved to San Diego, California where he was immediately introduced to skateboarding culture and punk rock. Although still influenced by these in his life, today his greatest passion and love are for American and Latino 1940s to 1950s culture, style, music, and vintage fashion. When he's not behind the barber chair, you can sometimes catch him spinning 1950s sounds and at record hops in Los Angeles, or enjoying life in his LVC's 1955 501s & PF's. Alejandro is a young gentleman with talent and style beyond his years.