Adam "MCA" Yauch

We post a lot of stuff here about musicians and actors, many of them before our time, because they've provided creative inspiration in different ways to us of a younger generation. But it's an entirely different feeling when you lose a musician of your generation - someone not too far from your age, someone who seems like they could have been one of your friends, someone whose music you've grown up with while they themselves have grown up. That's why the death of Adam "MCA" Yauch felt especially crushing because it felt personal. And maybe it feels worse because my friend's wife who fought a hard battle with cancer with such bravery, courage, and love also lost her battle with cancer just last week; like Yauch, also with young children and also of similar age. Celebrities bring awareness and attention to the diseases, but we have to remember that every day someone is fighting a hard fight, and many die too young. Life's too short for B.S.

I don't want to get too deep here listing off all of MCA's accomplishments because you probably already know, but I will add that I respect Yauch using his music and celebrity for human rights activism when he could have been like many others who don't. And his music will live on. Even though my wife and I have over 8 years in age gap, The Beastie Boys were one of the musicians we both "came of age" to, just in different ways and times.We wish Adam Yauch's wife, daughter, family, friends, and his brothers Mike D and Ad-Rock strength and peace during this difficult time.

Video is from The Beastie Boys' 1984 appearance on NYC's cult cable access program, The Scott and Gary Show. On drums is future Luscious Jackson drummer Kate Schellenbach:

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