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2 The Merchants of Manchester 1937 via Shorpy Support small businesses and the independent spirit of the United States of America!

In our neighborhood, luxury apartments no middle class family member could ever afford are sprouting up at record pace. Rents are constantly being raised. Family-run small businesses with history and character are having their rents raised so high they have no choice but to give up their valuable space - disappearing mom and pops across the U.S. Along the same vein, we learned that Congress is considering online sales tax legislation that will burden small businesses like ours (and other mens’ grooming companies) by increasing cost of doing business and reducing the ability to compete with giant retailers. It also means consumers will have less options and could pay more for online orders. So please contact your member of congress to let them know how this legislation will affect you and your community. Independent small businesses are important to the steady growth of the U.S. economy, that’s what the U.S. was all about, and fair competition is healthy. Stop squeezing out the middle class! Here’s the details we received from (ironically eBay, but still pertinent to us):

“On March 22, the U.S. Congress supported legislation that could fast-track future passage of an Internet sales tax bill. Whether you're a consumer who loves the incredible selection and value that small businesses provide online, or a small-business seller who relies on the Internet for your livelihood, this legislation potentially affects you. For consumers, it means more money out of your pocket when you shop online from your favorite seller or small business shop owner. For small business sellers, it means you would be required to collect sales taxes nationwide from the more than 9,600 tax jurisdictions across the U.S. Very small businesses, often with only a handful of employees, could actually be threatened and sued by out-of-state tax collectors, even from states thousands of miles away. Big national retailers are aggressively lobbying Congress to pass online sales tax legislation to "level the playing field" with Amazon. And, as they compete with big retail, Amazon is advocating for this legislation too, while at the same time they are seeking local tax exemptions across the country to build warehouses. This is a "big retail battle" in which small businesses and consumers have a lot to lose . . . . The solution is simple: if Congress passes online sales tax legislation, we believe small businesses with less than 50 employees or less than $10 million in annual out-of-state sales should be exempt from the burden of collecting sales taxes nationwide. To put that in perspective, Amazon does more than $10 million in sales every 90 minutes. So we believe this is a reasonable exemption to protect small online businesses. That's what we're fighting for, and what big companies such as Amazon are fighting against.”

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